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Department of Health WCDOH COVID-19 Large Gathering Event Notification Form UPDATED 2021 Westchester

This form is to be completed by the responsible party or parties, i.e.: Owner, Operator and or Business hosting the event. This form is mandatory for events with 51 or more attendees or for any size event that allows dancing, entertainment, cocktail hour, etc. Capacity is based on 75% of the maximum room/tent certified occupancy or the State Social Gathering limit, whichever is less.

*** As of 3/22/2021

Covid-19 testing is required for any indoor event that has 101 to 150 guests maximum at this time. Covid-19 testing is not required for Outdoor events up to 200 guests. As of April 2, 2021 Covid-19 testing will be required for outdoor events of 201 to 500 guest maximum.

A separate form must be submitted for each event to the Westchester County Health Department at least five days in advance of your event. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of a notice of hearing, fines, and or revocation of your permit to operate. Please note that submittal of this form is not an approval of the event. By submitting the document you are attesting that you have completed an updated NY Forward Safety Plan specific to your facility and In-person/Catered Events, it is on file at your facility, and you are ensuring that all of the NYS required guidance will be followed and adhered to. If you have any questions or if there are any changes to this document between now and the time of the event, please contact us at 914-813-5000.

Westchester Food Safety Required Food Safety Certification Program

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