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Flooring and Food Safety Westchester Foods

About flooring- Servsafe Managers Safety Certification

What extra feature is required when using resilient or hard-surface flooring materials?

Coving, a curved sealed edge placed between the floor and the wall to eliminate sharp corners or gaps that would be hard to clean.

What qualities are found in good flooring for a kitchen?

Smooth, durable, nonabsorbent, easy to clean, resistant of wear and slips.

In which areas do you need nonabsorbent flooring?

Walk-ins, prep and food-storage areas, dishwashing areas, restrooms, and dressing and locker rooms.

What does resiliency mean when referring to flooring?

A flooring material that can react to shock without breaking or cracking.

What kind of materials are nonporous and resilient?

Vinyl or rubber tiles.

When selecting materials for interior construction, what factors should you consider?

How easy the operation will be to clean and maintain, and sound-absorbent surfaces that resist grease and moisture and reflect light.

What is the best wall finish in cooking areas?

Ceramic tile, light in color so it's easier to see dirt.

How high should floor mounted equipment be from the floor?

Floor-mounted equipment must be either: Mounted on legs at least six inches. (15 centimeters) high. Sealed to a masonry base.

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