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Servsafe Food Safety Manager's Courses Anywhere Nationwide

Please contact us directly to discuss the details of your personalized Food Safety. 

Welcome to Westchester Food Safety, we are a full-service Food Safety Servsafe Certification provider.
We are now offering a course which can be taken anywhere Nationwide. We offer this course anywhere within the 50 States, anywhere in America. The course is a blended learning course, part online and part with a live real instructor.  Amazing 1 on 1 contact with a real Servsafe instructor. We only offer examination session in the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey area. 

If you are interested in taking a course at home and do not want to take a boring online Food Safety course, you have come to the right place.

This course is designed to people who wish to take a real class but with the convenience of taking it at home.


How it works:

Watch our 10 unit video segments covering

1) Providing Safe Food
2) Forms of Contamination
3) The Safe Food Handler
4) The Flow of Food: Intro
5) The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage
​6) The Flow of Food: Preparation
7) The Flow of Food: Service
8) Food Safety Management Systems
9) Safe Facilities & Pest Management
10) Cleaning & Sanitizing


You will be given a unique password, you may watch the videos via tablet, computer or from a smart phone. Simple an easy to follow.


1. You will be given a Digital Study guide which can be used in conjunction with the course. A practice exam will be issued.


2. We will  set up a 1 on 1 Course and exam review session. We will personally set up a time with our instructor, via Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, even directly on the phone. Here we will discuss the material you went over. We will explain pertinent, key areas of focus that will help you pass your Servsafe examination. This section is really the meat and potatoes of Servsafe and this review is spot on.

Our video segments are quick, straight to the point and the exact lessons that we cover with our live courses.

Our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge needed to meet your local regulatory requirements in regards to proper Food Safety practices.

Testimonials from some clients nationwide:

“I failed the exam twice, my other teachers were not skilled like Frank. He made it easy. He explained 
everything in a way that was clear.
I am based in Austin Texas. Thanks”- John Tate Jr. (Austin Texas)

“ The course was easy to follow, Frank is a kind guy, He has a great teaching approach, like a real teacher should.”-Silvia Marie Day .”( Sarasota Florida)

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