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New 2024 Food Manager's Certification Safety Study Guide & Food Safety Management Guide. Includes the new updated 9 allergy list.

The best guide around, a must for every food establishment. 

This guide is a must read for all food service staff, your entire staff should read this book. This book will give your staff a great understanding of how food must be handled. 

Our practical study guide is geared for those taking various accredited Food Manager's Safety Examinations, based on the most current 2022 FDA Model Food Code. This book is intended and geared for those with Food Safety experience and for those who wish to re-certify. This study guide is not intended to replace a Food Manager's course but a guide to help those taking an accredited Food Manager's Exam obtain a better understanding.

This book is also a great guide for those who wish to help educate themselves and for those working and handling food get a better understanding of food safety practices and terminology that is necessary while running a successful food establishment. 

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