Private Courses

Please contact us directly to discuss the details of your private course. 

Most private courses include:

– As a response to COVID-19 Westchester Food Safety is now offering an online course created by us.
   This new program is two parts, as no exam can be taken without a live Servsafe proctor. After the
   material is viewed either by laptop, computer even by phone. We will  come to your location and test
   your group all at one time. 

– Exam Review and Exam Session held at your location. (Office, food establishment, or home)
– Minimum of 4 students. Can certify up to 20 students.
– 5-6 hours of instruction.
– 2 hours are allocated for the exam. It may take you less time.
– Course Study Guide Book, Downloadable PDF File, FREE with this purchase! (normally $89.99!
   Great Value!) Spanish Study Guide offered upon request.