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ServSafe Chinese Now

Food Safety Managers Course and Examination in Chinese

Westchester Food Safety is now offering a Food Managers Safety Course and Examination in Chinese (Mandarin). ServSafe Chinese is a great way for those wishing to take a course in their native language while fulfilling the Health Department code. This course is based on the highest Food Safety standards put in place by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP). ServSafe is a nationally recognized institution and is a mandatory certification program in many counties within the tri-state area. Westchester, Fairfield and Bergen County being a few.

This certification is accepted by the Westchester Health Department and various other local and regulatory groups throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. After you register we will send you all the required learning material and instructions in Chinese. This special Course is home-based, as you will be emailed all the necessary material to prepare for the exam. This computer-based program is easy to use and takes 5 hours to complete. After you have studied and reviewed all the material. Westchester Food Safety will personally bring the exam to your office or facility for testing. The test will be conducted in Chinese. This Certification is Health Department approved. It is not easy finding reliable Food Safety instruction in the tri-state area. Westchester Food Safety has received an overwhelming amount of people expressing an interest in taking a course in Chinese. Westchester Food Safety has created a solution that will not only make the learning experience enjoyable but also cost-effective. Health Department approved.

Please don’t be caught without certification. As restaurant and food providers it is our responsibility to keep our customers safe and make our businesses thrive. Food safety is everyone’s business. Just $260.00 the price for this program. Keep the Health Department happy and take our amazing Chinese Now program.

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