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Food Safety Certification Renewal

Servsafe Re-Certification

Is your Food Managers Safety Protection Certification expired?

Many of us have been in the Food industry for a life time and have taken The Food Managers Course several times. If you have taken at least 8 hours of ServSafe training and you are up for renewal there are three possibilities.

1. Come to one of our exam only exam sessions, usually held in Rye New York. Just two hours and you will be recertified. Results are immediate.

2. Call us today and we can set up a time that we can bring the examination to you. Please be advised this option is for those who have taken at least 8 hours of Servsafe training and are just in need for re-certification. Call for pricing and for more information. WE WILL BRING THE EXAM TO YOU!

3. Please remember that taking one of our scheduled Food Managers Courses is a great way to learn and get a refresher on often many things that you already know but may need a reminder. Please keep in mind that this examination is up for renewal every 5 years due to the new scientific data related to food safety management. As the years go on food safety changes and subtle changes are implemented by both ServSafe and our local health departments (the local regulatory departments). Taking the full course may be very beneficial.

Call for more information.

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