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FDA role in Westchester NY Food Safety

Food Safety and the FDA Servsafe Westchester Food Safety

According to the FDA, the lack of generally food safety practices result directly in the majority food borne illnesses every year. Practicing (SOPs) standard operating procedures are key in developing safe food at work.

One of the best ways to ensure food is being properly handled is taking the Food Manager’s safety course and examination and certifying key and valuable team players.

The FDA noted many important points about Allergens. One commenter noted that "The current regulations contain a number of provisions that relate to preventing contamination in the food processing environment, but there is no explicit mention of food allergens." This commenter recommended that the agency amend the CGMP regulation to require food processors to develop and adopt allergen control practices within their facilities, yet keep the regulatory requirement flexible so that manufacturers can adapt control practices to their unique requirements”.

In regards to general food training practices the FDA noted, “Education and training. Personnel responsible for identifying sanitation failures or food contamination shall have a background of education and experience, or a combination thereof, to provide a level of expertise necessary for production of clean and safe food. Food handlers and supervisors shall receive appropriate training in proper food handling techniques and food-protection principles and shall be informed of the danger of poor personal hygiene and insanitary practices.

Training programs should be periodically reviewed and updated where necessary. Systems should be in place to ensure that food handlers remain aware of all procedures necessary to maintain the safety and prevent adulteration of food.

Supervision. Responsibility for assuring compliance by all personnel with all requirements of this part shall be clearly assigned to appropriately trained supervisory personnel.

Periodic assessments of the effectiveness of training and instruction programs shall be made, as well as routine supervision and checks to ensure that procedures are being carried out effectively.

Managers and supervisors of food processes shall have the necessary knowledge of food hygiene principles and practices to be able to judge potential risks and take the necessary action to remedy deficiencies.

One commenter wrote that "A culture of compliance is most effective when based on and incorporated within a competitive atmosphere. Food safety specifications required from the top down through the supply chain are far more stringent and effective than regulatory requirements. FDA needs to use its resources to leverage this culture across the industry." This commenter recommended that the agency "Adopt the Codex 'Recommended International Code of Practice: General Principles of Food Hygiene' Section X - Training." This commenter also wrote that the agency should "Allow processors to establish their own programs without mandating specific approaches."

Another commenter wrote that "FDA should require food safety competency and food safety training for select personnel in food plants, particularly where high-risk foods are handled or where food plants are unable to gain compliance."

Please take food safety serious safe food will help and ensure your business thrives. Food safety is everyone’s business makes it yours. Take a food managers safety with Westchester Food Safety.

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