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Hire and Fire Westchester Restaurants Servsafe

So if you work manage and or own a food establishment you understand these two words, hire and fire. Hiring people gives way to hope but may cost a bit in training and doubling up on some shifts to get training done. Restaurants have high numbers in regards to staff turnover. Finding people with experience, getting some new blood in the shop to give way to some new habits is never easy. The problem with our work is we need and want to maintain healthy food practices while not spending an arm and a leg doing so. We need to decide who we hire and who we fire. Both hiring and firing affect our business. Some for the good some for the bad!

A great thing about owners and hiring managers taking the Servsafe mangers food safety course and exam is it gives them a real understanding of what they should expect and accept in their staff. Knowing food safety and getting a good handle on it will help all of you employers make some decisions on hiring and firing and giving incentives to those you wish to keep. Hiring those with the certificate is a good start. Prospects who have the certificate for sure have a leg up on those who don’t .

It’s important to keep good staff, a good way to o this is to offer incentives. Offering your workers a Servsafe manager’s food course is a great idea. The cost is in expensive and this is a great way to keep your good staff members while making them even more valuable.

The more people who are trained in food safety will help insure better workers and hopefully you will do less hiring and firing. Any thoughts on this topic?

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