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What is the difference between a commercial kitchen and a home based kitchen.

This may seem like a silly topic and in some senses it is. The most important point in this article is the kitchen that serves the public, paying clients is not free of reign and not free of rules and regulations. Kitchen staff must not treat the food without care and proper attentions.

It is common that inside the commercial kitchen area workers, will be found eating their lunch, storing foods and open beverages in the walk in fridge or cooler. Workers often fail to see any issues with this sort of behavior.

In short the kitchen area must be treated with tender care. It is not an area to eat, it is not an area to possible contaminate foods and it is not a place where people live.

I guarantee you if the Health Department walks into your kitchen area and someone is eating a big juicy hamburger and drinking an open container on the prep table they will find a major problem here. You will more than likely receive a violation.

It’s important to train your staff and to let them know that they must eat in the appropriate area, dinning lounge with paying customers, in a break room.

Food that is outside the food you prepare must not be mixed with the food for retail usage.

It is suggested that you purchase a small fridge or at minimum place food in a container that is labeled for employees only. Use caution and think smart on how you wish to organize this.

What is a commercial kitchen? A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in a commercial establishment. (Restaurant, nursing home, school, coffee shop, etc.) The main functions of a kitchen are to store, prepare and cook food (and to complete related tasks such as dishwashing). The food prepared is for the public or a specified group of people who may require special needs.

What is a home kitchen? In short not a commercial kitchen. What we do at home is up to you. Eat and prepare food at your own risk.

Its super important employees understand food safety regulations and it’s suggested that your guys take THE REQUIRED FOOD MANAGER’S SAFETY certification. It’s mandatory in most New York counties, Fairfield Connecticut & Bergen county New Jersey. Westchester Food Safety is a leader in Food >Safety. We serve the tri state area. Call us today

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