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Connecticut Health Department Food Safety Requirements Course Servsafe

Get Your Food Manager's Safety Certificate Now

Conveniently located next to Greenwich, CT .The ServSafe Food Manager Certification is a nationally accredited program accepted by health departments nationwide. We are an official exam center for Western Connecticut. Under Connecticut's food safety regulations, certain food establishments are required to employ, on-site, at least one Qualified Food Operator with a Food Safety Manager’s Certificate. In fact, one manager per shift. Best way to stay in compliance to is to come to our location and take our intensive one-day course, followed by an exam review and exam. At Westchester Food Sfatey we are one of the leaders n Food Safety in the tri-state. We also offer Private group sessions; in other words we will come to your location and train and test your staff. We follow the highest standards and use our practical approach and get results you can see in 1 sitting. Sign up here

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