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Food Managers in Westchester County NY

What is a food safety manager and what are their responsibilities?

Food Safety Manager develop and provide training for food safety and quality requirements. Develop and maintain documentation, well as maintenance of manuals, policies and procedures as relate to any food safety concerns. Usually a food manager is a person who is responsible for the entire process in a food establishment, this includes, receiving, preparing, cleaning and maintaining the food quality of all the food in the establishment.

Usually the manager has extensive hands on experience and has taken such courses that are offered by Westchester Food Safety. Being a food manager is exciting and intense. As well as modeling correct behavior in regards to food safety the manager is responsible in making sure all staff is following procedures and ultimately making the sore money.

To learn about the job tasks it’s key to take the Servsafe Food Manager’s Safety Protection exam in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Many Health Departments across many counties have different requirements, please call them for the requirements in your area. Westchester County does require the Servsafe certification.

The flow of food safety is key. This includes: purchasing, receiving, storing, prepping, cooking, holding, cooling, reheating and service. Anything can happen throughout the flow of food that is why practicing good food safety practice is key. Servsafe is one way to ensure this.

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