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Food Managers Study Guide for Sale Servsafe Compatible

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Food Managers Study Guide & Food Safety Management Guide

Great new study guide book geared to exam such as Servsafe and CPFM Certification, and various other accredited Food Management Certification Exams. This book is great for those re certifying and for those who wish would like a crash course. This book is intended as a study guide and does not discredit any educational group. Subject matter may change from region to region, Health Department to Health Department. Also speak with your Heath Department professional about your Food Manager's Safety requirements. The study guide contains 49 pages and is a simple but an effective read.


UNIT 1 Intro to Food Safety

UNIT 2 Food Contamination (Three Types)

UNIT 3 The Food Handler

UNIT 4 Taking Temperatures

UNIT 5 Purchasing, Receiving & Storage

UNIT 6 Food Preparation & Service

UNIT 7 Food Safety Management (HACCP)

UNIT 8 Safe Facility & Pest Control

UNIT 9 Cleaning & Sanitation Programs

UNIT 10 Testing Tips Index: Definition Terms

Super quick shipping! We will ship anywhere in the United States. Generally arrives within 1-4 business days.

Great for those who would like help aid and educate their food handlers. A simple read which can be a great starting point, which can help and create Standard Operating Procedures.

This study guide is also a wonderful guide for those who would like to improve productivity in their food establishment. The units in this book are practical and will help educate and give a good over all understanding on food safety management for any manager or employee.

Cost effective, light weight and includes great photos and art work that makes the study guide much that more user friendly. Simple and effective.

Does not include practice exams.

Does include tips on test taking.

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