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Food Protection in Connecticut Live Courses

Westchester Food Safety, provides live courses that last a day. typically from 8am to 4pm. We offer a course held at the Rye Courtyard Marriott twice a month.

Our course and exam sessions are located right off the 95 and 287. Betwwn White Plains, NY and Greenwich, CT

Our certifcation is Servsafe Manager's one of the right certifcation you will need while operating and sering food to the general public. In fact the Heath Department, requests it.

There are many programs out there but ours is live, and is taught my a highly skilled Food Safety Trainer, proctor and teacher, with many years on the field.

Sign up today for one of our courses, they are called open grouo sessions.

Call if you wish to have a private course, typically we will come and train groups of 4 or more at our clients locations.

Thanks Frank Madaio

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