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Food Safety and it’s importance in 2021. Westchester NY Food and Safety Servsafe

Food safety and food hygiene are important as they ensure that the food you handle, and produce is safe for consumption. If food safety and hygiene are not maintained, consumers could become seriously ill with food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. Proper hand washing can prevent the spread of pathogens. Other food safety techniques will not be nearly as effective if they are not combined with good hand washing. Good hand washing begins by scrubbing your hands, under your fingernails, and your lower arms with soap. Dry your hands with a paper towel while avoiding touching the dispenser. The handwashing process should take a minimum of 20 seconds. 10-15 for the scrubbing part. Hands must be washed when switching tasks. Hands should also be washed if an employee touches their hair or face. New disposable gloves should be put on after washing hands. Help keep consumers by recognizing the important role food safety plays and implementing safe practices. It is 2021 and Food Safety is just as important. If not more. Why? Because of viruses such as Covid-19 are here and our customers are especially concerned as new information is developing on a regular basis, currently there is no evidence that the Covid is transferred via food.

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