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An incentive for your employees (Securing employees by giving something back)

So it was suggested to me some time ago after dealing with a high turnover of staff that I think about giving employees something back after X amount of time to insure that they stay and work harder. So I thought of a way. Since I was sending off one of my employees to get the Food Manger’s Safety certificate I created a program where after 6 months of employment each employee is eligible for taking the ServSafe®Food Manger’s Safety certificate. Employees like generally the fact that they are receiving something back for their hard work something that in turn will only benefit you as an employer. People also generally like working towards something and they appreciate the fact that at the end of the day there is a certificate with their name on it which gives them creditability. The ServSafe®Food Manger’s Safety certificate is not only good for Managers it’s great for all staff members.

Having a knowledgeable staff will save you time and money and will make your customers happier and will keep them coming back.

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Any thoughts on this employee incentive program? Could it work for you?

At Westchester Food Safety we think outside the box and look at the whole picture in regards ti our program. We have created a really great program for our clients that will get them in and out the door fast and with much more information that will help them achieve greatness at their food establishment. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter it’s a great way to stay abreast of Food Safety trends and a great way to be informed on upcoming ServSafe®Food Manger’s Safety certification courses and exams.

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