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Food Training New York State

Training, retraining staff, getting good food service workers. Food Safety Consulting

Why is it so hard to find good employees? Let alone great one’s? Over the past years the food industry has been struggling with stricter immigration laws and higher wage increases. Food is and will be continuing to increase in price. A bottle of water now costs many $2.50.

With stricter guidelines and increases wages should we accept bad workers? With more requirements shouldn’t our employees be good ones? Yes

Just in Westchester County 2019, fast food workers will get paid $13.00 an hour. By 2015 the pay will be as high as $21.00 an hour. What will the cost of a bottle of water be?

Restaurant chains continue to pay higher prices for labor as they struggle to find good workers, which is pressuring profits amid weak. Higher wages are putting pressure on chains to grow sales in a tough environment.

Across the board people complain that the new generation is lazy and not putting into the job what we expect of them.

Now is the time to demand more. Be productive and make sure your staff proves their abilities. After all you will be paying for it,

Very simple finding good staff means setting certain expectations and holding food service works accountable to those standards. A great way to set standards is to educate yourself. Taking a simple Food Manager’s Course is a great way to start. For most of us the Tristate area. New York, Connecticut and New Jersey requires one manager per shift be equipped with their Food Managers Safety Certification. Via Servsafe.

Westchester Food Safety serves the tristate area. We offer in house and offsite training. Come to us we’ll come to you. We can train and Certify your staff in one painless sitting. We provide tools and useful material that can help your business run better. We can help you find not just good workers but great ones.

Food Safety is everyone’s business make it yours.

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