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Franchises getting ServSafe certified. Westchester County NY

As well as my food safety teaching job, I am also an active franchise at the famous Subway chain restaurant. I own a location in Westchester County. In reality Subway introduced me to this food safety process also my historic background in education/teaching helped me bridge the gap. Being a franchisee we have a lot of training and a lot of rules and regulations to follow which aren't necessarily the same ones we learn in the ServSafe® Food Manager course. Subway for example has stricter guidelines in regards to food expiration dates and temperature readings. I feel that the slight differences don't interfere with the ServSafe® certification in fact they have helped me maintain a better and safer shop.

Other Franchises like myself will find my course will help them maintain their own franchise requirements. Wither they are Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, or even Subway. Safety is safety and the code set down is based on science rather than theory and our franchisee authorities understand this.

At Westchester Food Safety we encourage others franchisees like my own to participate in our program.

Contact me today, I offer discounts to Subway shop owners located in NYC, Westchester County Rockland, Fairfield County Connecticut, and other surrounding areas.

If you are interested in a partnership program please call me as well.

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Westchester Food Safety

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