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How to Open a Restaurant New York Food

What do you need to open a restaurant in regards to food safety requirements and getting the Health Department blessing?

Very simple call them via phone. Explain what you are doing and ask them for the proper guidance.

It is safe to say that they will give you an extensive list. One thing that will be on the list will be your need for the so called Food Manager’s Safety Protection Certification. Some know it as the Sanitation Food Safe Certification. The proper name is the Food Managers Safety Servsafe Certification. This certification will be needed to be present at the location and must be accompanied by the person or Manager on duty who took the examination and course.

Please call your local Health Department for clarification and then call us. Westchester Food Safety.

We will explain the process and come up with the best possible course and or exam date and location possible. Westchester Food Safety offers on site and off site testing. We offer private course for small to large sized groups. We offer a course and exam once a month held in Rye New York.

Call us!

Westchester Food Safety offers great rates, high level learning skills. Are hopes are to help each client build a great food establishment through food safety practices. Safe food make us all more money and keep our customers coming back for more.

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