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Kitchen Staff Training in NY NJ and CT Food Safety Consulting

Westchester Food Safety Offers Off-Site Food Safety Training held at your location. Our training sessions are great for brand new food establishments, and older existing businesses that need proper assistance. Training is everything especially in these changing times. Some food establishments need a tune up and we are here to give it to you.

Why Kitchen Staff Training? A well-trained workforce saves your restaurant time and money, and it also increases your profitability. Therefore, ensure that every member of your team from the wait and kitchen staff to the managers receives solid and continuous training to remain outstanding in the highly competitive industry.

We offer training on everything from:

· Taking Food temps, ensuring accountability of your staff

· Cleaning and Sanitizing

· Proper Food Dating, controlling inventory and cost

· Cleaning and maintenance. Maintaining your mandatory cleaning schedule

· Proper handwashing steps and glove wearing

· Eating inside your facility, the does and don’ts for your staff

· Working while sick and reporting illnesses

· Keeping the Health Department happy

· Food Allergies training, avoiding Cross-Contact and ensuring your customers stay safe from

· Potential allergies

· Cooling foods

· Thawing foods (defrosting)

· Receiving and Storage of our foods

· Recalls

· Kitchen area requirements

Training is based on training needs. We can train your staff in 1 sitting at your location. Our sessions can go through all the listed points or based on your needs we can pinpoint the important areas and focus on areas that need work.

Our sessions can range from 1 hour to 4 hours.

Each of the participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Food Safety is everyone’s business. Make it yours.

We will provide you with some tools and an incredible training guide, both in English and Spanish.

Our rates are affordable. Call us today! (914) 309-6572 We serve the tri-state NY, NJ, and CT.

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