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Servsafe Score Westchester Food Safety

How do I check the score of my exam?

First take the test. After words you will need to log into.

To claim your Exam info:

Please enter the Score Access Code from your Examination Answer Sheet or the Exam Session Number that your proctor provided and also your last name, then click "Find." If you do not have your Score Access Code or the Exam Session Number, please contact the Service Center at Please be sure to include your name and the email address you provided on your Examination Answer Sheet.

Complete the form that looks like this:

Good luck I hope you passed, feel FREE to contact Westchester Food Safety. (914) 309-6572 If you had problems passing and you weren’t satisfied with your previous course. Contact us today!

Westchester Food Safety is working on becoming a leader of Food Safety Education in the tristate area.

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