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Step-by-step Restaurant Opening in Westchester County Book Guide

NOW ON AMAZON PRIME How to Open a Restaurant & Food Establishment Guide Book

If you are wrestling with the idea of opening a Restaurant/Food Establishment and you just don't know where to start, check out this new book.

The sole purpose of this book is to provide information, ideas, financial support planning, and also to provide you with general food safety skills and practices. This book/manual will help you organize and shape your food establishment idea. We will discuss compliance and how to adhere to various regulations and laws, as well as how to protect your business from any liability. Ultimately, our guide’s main purpose is to assist you with your food service vision and help you become successful. This book contains statements from various restaurant owners and professionals. Their guidance to you, the reader, is instrumental and inspirational. This book contains 141 pages, and all the steps are layed out in a way that anyone can easily understand. This book was writen by Frank Madaio, the owner of Westchester Food Safety. This book is amazing and can be purchased on Amazon Prime. Get as quickly as tomorrow!

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