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Westchester County Health Department Requirements for Food Service Operations. What you Need

Westchester Food Safety is here to accommodate your Food Safety requirements in regard to getting the right certification to run and operate a food service business in Westchester County, New York.

At Westchester Food Safety we provide a required certification called Servsafe. The certification is called Food Safety Manager’s and the rule of thumb is each food establishment must have at least one person in the operation who understands Food Safety and has completed the course and passed a written exam.

Westchester Food Safety is an accredited institution offering live in-person courses that last just one day. Some other institutions offer courses that take much longer, Westchester Food Safety has the course down to a science and we get our clients educated, tested, and certified in just one sitting held at our course and exam center held at the Rye Courtyard Marriott. Just off the 287, and 95.

No experience is necessary, and this course is amazing, fun and informative. Most important, it will give you what the Health Department is looking for.

We serve other counties, for example many of our clients work and operate in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Bergen County New Jersey.

Call us for clarification, or sign up directly online, typically we offer courses and exams one or two times a month.


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