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Westchester Food Safety Manager's Spanish Courses & Exams, Servsafe NY, NJ, & CT

Westchester Food Safety offers Live course in English, however many of our Spanish speaking participants decide to take the exam in the Live Spanish Servsafe Version. An advantage is the language can be changed from Spanish to English. Spanish Students are also given extra material that can help and guide them. All participants that sign up for our full live version course receive a digital Spanish Study Guide, and a practice exam in Spanish. Students requiring more attention to the Spanish language will be emailed a full PowerPoint presentation, upon request, this PowerPoint presentation can be reviewed prior to the English live version, A very helpful tool. Contact us today, sign for our course and be certified in 1 painless sitting. Our classes last 1 day, all grades are final. All courses and exams follow strict Servsafe guidelines. Many Health Departments accept Servsafe. However, it is always a good idea to contact your regulatory group before signing up. Westchester County and a majority of Fairfield County accept Servsafe.

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