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Who needs the Servsafe Certification

How many people need to be certified at my restaurant?

Ok so this is the thing at least one of your managers ON DUTY should posses the ServSafe® Food Manager's Safety Certification! Does that mean that more than one manger should have the ServSafe® Food Manager's Safety Certification? The answer is YES, in theory if you are trusting your employee with the welfare and safety of your customers that person should be qualified to know what to do especially in the case of for example a sick customer, bad product and so on the answer is YES. If you are the owner and an acting active member of the kitchen and operations then your certification could and may be enough. If you leave your operations to a manager on a daily basis he or she should be certified and your local food regulator department, the health department may want to see their certification.

If your manager quits then what? Well it now your responsibility to get either your self or and another Manger on duty to posses the ServSafe® Food Manager's Safety Certification.

Any thoughts? I really hope this blog can become a great resource and message board to clarify and support people in the food safety industry and restaurant owners a like. email me with any questions, thanks Frank

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